Friday, May 7

a new Educati-FUN video

A teenage boy and a teenage girl are sitting on a bed. They are at a party at a friend's house while their parents are away. The sound of a loud stereo system can be heard from downstairs. They are alone in the room, and sexy.

The girl says "You know, it's cool not to do it."

The boy says, "Yeah, I mean, I'm not doing it right now, and that's cool. I really like spending time with you, really."

The girl replies with, "But it's cool to not do it more than just not now."

"Yeah, I know. Like all those other times inbetween not doing it."

"No, it's cool to not do it."

"Yeah, but so is doing it."

"No, it's cool to not do it ever," says the girl.

"No way, doing it is cool," says the boy.

"The new fashion just got in. It says that not doing it ever is really in style."

"No... I'm pretty sure doing it is really cool."

"Not anymore."

Mr. Happy Puppet Head appears in a flash of light. "She's right, you know," he wiggles his mustache at them. "Not doing it ever is they way to go. The cool way. Take it from me, Mr. Happy Puppet Head."

"Wow!" says the boy. "Can I have your autograph?"


"See," says the girl. "Mr. Happy Puppet Head says it's cool to not ever do it."

"What about dry humping?" asks the boy. "Or, you know... mouth stuff?"

"That stuff is still cool," says Mr. Happy Puppet Head. "And don't let anyone tell you it isn't. Just the actual doing it isn't cool." He turns and addresses the camera. "Remember kids, penis in vagina, say no way. Pregnant with disease is how you'll pay." He winks and disappears in a flash.

"Thanks Mr. Happy Puppet Head!" the two sexy teens say together as they hug.

Fade to black.

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