Tuesday, May 4

It's a lot of fun to simply be Avant Guarde. just stand around repeating the same phrase in monotone over and over again for the sake of being on the forefront of exhistence. Maybe jump around and pump your fists in the air while saying it. Make the meaningless meaningful.

Try the phrase "The milk comes from the nipple." at least thats what worked today. and switch it around so sometimes you're saying "the nipple comes from the milk." or "nipple nipple nipple milk milk milk somtimes." then maybe pretend to freak out and gnash your teeth and contort your body into strange positions around the room.

the best is when everyone else in the room is being Avant Guarde, too. Throw and Avant Guarde party!

Do it.
Do it.
Do it for the right slime shiny times for the president. They love the cinnamon. They love it so for the flashing of it.

Avant Guarde!

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