Saturday, May 15

Now everything's back to normal because I say so. No more cliffhangers or anything. Howie the little girl has her pet old man head back, Mr. Happy Puppet Head has his little dog back (he's still missing half of his mustache, but he's growing it back out), and that strange woman in red is still mysterious and never calls me.

Oh, and I don't have amnesia anymore. It turned out to be kind of a lame plot device anyways.

Plot devices. I think I'm giving up on them.

here's a story with no plot devices.


There is a field with grass. and some flowers. Then some cute furry things run up. They have a great time.

one furry thing says to another, "lets drink some water!" the other one agrees wholeheartedly.

the first furry thing then says, "lets dance around in circles." and they all dance around in circles.

this one furry thing that has all the good ideas says "lets play truth or dare!' once again unanimous agreement.

"truth or dare?" asks the first furry thing.

"truth." replies another.

"are you gay? or just bi-sexual?"

"um... I'm going with neither. I lost my sexual organs in a fire as a child. I don't even remember which kind they were." The sun shines brightly. A butterfly flutters by. The sexless furry thing asks the furry thing accross from it, 'Truth or dare?"

this furry thing replies, "Dare."

"Okay, I dare you to drink what's in this bottle." the furry thing holds up a blue plastic sport bottle.

"What's in it?"

"It doesn't matter. If you want to play, you have to drink it."

"Okay." the furry thing drinks all of it. After a moment its cute furry face shrivels in a mask of horror. It starts dry heaving, but none of the liquid is coming back up. All the furry things begin running in frantic circles, and after a few minutes of this, the choking furry thing drops over dead, its furry eyes rolled back in its furry head.

"let's not play this game anymore," says the first fuzzy thing. And everyone agrees.

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