Thursday, March 4

Now for the ADULT SITUATION episode. this is a special episode, aired at 3:00 AM when all the kids are asleep.

We have a full house tonight, glad to see all of you naked overweight people above the age of 40. I am the only person fully dressed because I am a guide tonight. A guide in your sexual education.

Here we have a large vat of oil. Cooking. Canola. Everybody climb the ladder and jump in. Make sure you go all the way under, otherwise you won't be properly lubricated. Try to inhale a little bit if you can. You're going to have to trust me, old fat people.

Now everyone stand in a circle facing inwards. Mr. Happy Puppet Head will put on your blindfolds, and on the count of three, everyone run straight ahead, crash into a big pile of oily flesh, and just start humping. Don't worry about who or what, just enjoy.

Okay? One... two... three!

Mr. Happy Puppet Head will be coming around with more oil soon, so don't worry. You guys are doing great.

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