Friday, March 19

After the show in my dressing room. Uninspired. Tired. Sweat dripping from the tip of my nose. Goggles fogged up. It was intense, today's show.

Mr. Happy Puppet Head bobbles up and tries to tell me about his problems. He has so many of them, poor guy. I try to listen, but he's knocked up so many underage girls and been charged with more credit card fraud than I can count. So i tune him out and try to get my bowtie off. It's been over a week since I've taken off the outift, and the knot is stuck.

So he's going on and on, just a buzz in my ear, his new handlebar mustache bobbing hypnotically up and down. He does have a nice buzzy voice, that floating puppet head. And a really sweet mustache.

He wants to know if he can crash at my place tonight. I tell him of course. We can play Jenga.

Apparently he has some repressed Jenga memories. He starts crying, wailing, and soon banging his head against the wall. Again, nothing new. I hope this doesn't mean we can't still play, since that's the only board game I have.

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