Tuesday, March 9

I can't remember falling asleep, but now i'm awake. My mouth tastes awfull and the back of my head feels funny against my pillow. I reach up to find it's been shaved and the skin is raw.

Looking in the mirror I see I have gotten a tatoo taking up all the property on the back of my skull. Through the scabs and puffy skin I can make out a face... only there are too many lines on it that don't match up.

And I remember. At least parts of it. Stumbling in the tatoo place, yelling at the tatoo guy... and walking out with a portrait of my face permanently drawn in simple blue and red off-set lines on the back of my head. I pick up the 3-D glasses from the bathroom countertop and study myself in the mirror. The tatoo face grimaces in pain from getting the tatoo of itself on the back of it's head.

So before my hair grows out I'll have to buy lots of these 3-D glasses to give to everyone. As much as I regret getting it, I don't like to see a good 3-D tatoo go to waste.

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