Saturday, January 3

this one dude on the bus to the studio today tried to take my goggles away. at first i saw him laughing at me and mocking the way i walk. i tried to ignore him, but when i wasn't looking he pulled the googles right off my face. quick like a bunny i jumped up and pulled on his hair. he was a little guy and i'm pretty big, so i think he was scared. and i was pulling his hair so hard. i was kind of nervous with this whole violent confrontation thing, and all i managed to stutter out was "gimme back my goggles." he gave them back real quick and scuttled back to his seat. i sat down real quick and put my goggles away in my pocket. for the first time in a long time i was kind of ashamed to wear them. i hate that.

so now is the segment of the show called "Effigy." I've constructed a crude representation of all the ills in the world, and we get a chance to show those ills what we think of them. and live on TV!

so i invite the children down to dismember, slice, cut, rip, tear, urinate, deficate, spit, chew, punch, kick, drown, belittle, gouge, puncture, cleave, behead, disembowel, beat, bludgeon, or inflame our effigy of badness. go ahead!

and that's all i have scheduled for the show today. it'll be good times. and we'll all wear our goggles.

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