Friday, January 16

New performance art piece.

i'm dressed like a little kitten and i am standing next to an enormous bird cage. I take some keys out of my pocket and open the door to the cage, get in, and lock it behind me. i then throw the keys accross the room. i can no longer reach the keys, and i procceed to meow sadly and reach for what i so recently cast away. i really seem to want freedom, but whenever someone walking by and hands me the keys, i get out, but i get all scared and jump back in the cage, lock the door, and throw the keys accross the room.

at the end another cute little kitten walks by and picks up the keys. only this time when she opens the door, she gets in the cage with me. she throws the keys accross the room, and we both meow and reach out for them. together. for a really long time.

we then cut to a segment of me teaching underprivledged children to trim their fingernails with electric pencil sharpeners.

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