Wednesday, January 21


While everyone in the house at 130 Sycamore Street was still asleep, Henry broke in and made himself some breakfast. He took it down to the unfinished basement, sat in a corner, and ate his cereal, two slices of toast, and an apple. The apple was a bit bruised, but Henry didn’t mind.

Halfway through his cereal, after he’d eaten both slice of toast and a few bits of the apple, a small girl came down the stairs.

“Who are you?” she asked.

With his mouth full he replied, “Henry.”

“Oh. I found that apple at school yesterday. It was in the trash, but Mrs. Malorie said I could take it home.”
Henry nodded. He had washed it in the sink. “Don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t really eat when other people are watching me.”

The girl just stared at the Mickey Mouse cartoon on his shirt. His enormous stomach distorted the poor mouse into something very strange looking.

“It’s my house,” she replied. “And my apple.”

“Do you want it back?”

“No, you can have it.”

“Thanks.” He took a large bite out of the apple, small bits of it spilling from his droopy lips. “But, go away.”

“Mom! Hey, Mom!”

“Aw, kid, come on. I said I like being alone. Get out of here.”

“My name’s Juliet.”

“Juliet, get out of here. I’m tryin’ to eat.”

“I have to wash my dress for today. It got a big stain on it and I have to recite a poem for class. It’s about clouds, but I forget it right now.”

Juliet’s mom came down the stairs. “Oh, my. Who’s your friend, Juliet?”

“Henry.” He said as he took two more bites from the apple, foamy juice and white bits of apple covering his chin.

“Oh… your apple, dear. He’s eating your apple.”

“Yeah, I told him he could.”

“Hey, like I was telling your kid, I can’t eat when other people are watching me. So beat it. Both of you.” He tugged on his t-shirt as he noticed the girl’s mom looking at it.

“Well, we have some laundry to do,” she explained. “So I’m sorry, but you’re just going to have to deal with us for a little while.”

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cabbage rabbit said...

this story is hilarious