Wednesday, January 28


There are men at the door with guns and knives and baseball bats and whips and maybe even a chainsaw. They bang on the door and yell. They’ve been there for about ten minutes now, upset that the inhabitant of apartment 3B isn’t opening the door to their requests, and getting more upset as time passes. A real upset kind of upset. Spit dribbles from their chins, their faces red, eyes bulging. These men clearly want that door open more than anything, and by the sounds of it, don’t seem averse to forcing their way in.

Roger is on the other side of the door, the one refusing to open said door, and clearly has no intention of opening it. His plans had been to go to the Mexican restaurant down the street and have some beers, but the men with weapons outside convinced him it was a better night to stay home.

The door to his bedroom is closed, so the banging and yelling is still audible, but muffled. It’s easier to ignore that way. Easier to concentrate on the pornography.

With his pants around his ankles and eyes glued to his computer screen, Roger masturbates furiously. His face resembles those of the men outside, only he seems much more content with things. Roger isn’t in his apartment, not really. He isn’t even Roger. He’s the guy with the enormous dick fucking the brains out of that woman with the enormous breasts. He's the one getting a blowjob from those twins. He’s in a cheaply constructed barn set, on the beach, a shower, a mechanics garage, so many places that are so far away from apartment 3B and those terrible men that he never even has to worry about that stuff anymore.

The front door gives way with a crack. Roger’s eyes dart towards the living room, but instantly re-affix themselves to the computer screen. The men with the guns and the knives and the baseball bats, and definitely a chainsaw, are now inside. Their volume has increased dramatically since the subtraction of the door. Roger hears a lamp break. He closes his eyes and quickens his hand. As the tropical sun beats against his bare skin he urges the girls to continue grinding against one another, against him, and he laughs.

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