Sunday, January 25

a segment on SEX EDUCATION. (the kids need to know... and now)

I will now put on an education sex movie. It's entitled "Passion Cove 12" starring Leslie Taylor and all these other hot chicks. Let's just roll the tape now. Alright...

So watch here as they kiss and breathe a whole lot. This is what we call "love."

And those are some boobs. You'll see a lot of those in the movie. And in life, if you're lucky.

Hey there Mr. Happy Puppet Head, just in time. You missed a little bit of the movie, but it's not like you're missing any plot really. Oh, kids, that's what we call Oral Sex. Good stuff. Since we're on tv we can't really show any direct mouth-to-genitals, but the close proximity of the two should tell the story in itself.

If you'll pay attention, you will learn many new "erogenous zones" that you may have overlooked. Your own neck, for instance, can be a very exciting place to rub lovingly as you masturbate while looking at your personal servent running a bath for you. Yeah, she likes that...

I watched this one earlier, Mr. Happy Puppet Head, and these girl's touch boobs a lot. I think you're gonna like it.

Yeah, you like it when they touch boobs.

Of course you like that sort of thing. It's like, double boobs.

What, you don't like double boobs?

Oh, look at that... this is good stuff, huh, Mr. Happy Puppet Head?

I"ll be back in a few minutes with an update. I'm going to the... bathroom.

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