Thursday, October 7

We're traveling back to the party complex now. We have kind of a long way to go, espcially since I'm all tied up and I have to hop. But my celebrity companions are really good about taking it slow and helping me up when I trip over desert debris. Like rocks or joshua trees.

We can hear the party jazz music from the distance. I can feel it vibrating the dirt under my feet.

"I'm thirsty..." says the pop singer. "We're all thirsty," says the actor guy. I wish I knew their names, but they're famous and I'm embarassed to ask since I feel like I should know. But the other actor, not the handsome one with the blue eyes.

And that's when the woman catches fire.

It takes her a while to notice that she's on fire. It's just so hot out here it's hard to tell sometimes when one's own flesh is actually on fire or just badly sunburnt. We don't even notice until all of her bautiful hair is burned completely off. The other actor guys says "Hey, I guess you're on fire. Huh." The poor singer girl, with all of her famous singing voice, starts screaming and screaming. She says "I'm on fire! Ow! Ow! Ow!"

The handsome blue-eyed actor rips off his tight muscle shirt and tries to bat the flames out with it. I fall over and wiggle around on the ground desperately.

Much sooner than I would have expected, the woman is burned into nothing, just a pile of dirt on the bigger pile of dirt that is the desert. The handsome actor helps me back to my feet, tears in his eyes.

"Wow." I say.

"Yeah, that's crazy," says the other actor. "I hope I don't catch fire and burn into a pile of dirt like that. Shit."

The handsome blue-eyed actor is too choked up to say anything. He just stands over the ashes and lets his eyes overflow with the pain. I'd pat him on the shoulder, but my arms are all tied up. "She was a great singer." I say. "And a good friend." He nods.

After another few minutes standing over her remains, we turn and somberly continue our journey.

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