Tuesday, October 26

Ted and Lucinda are standing in the graveyard at night. Lucinda has just come back from the Spooky Parade where all the dead people and ghosts and murderers and monsters go have a parade down the main street. It was lots of fun and she got a balloon.

"I got to kill some happy family and feast on their innards," says Lucinda. "And everyone was singing this one song about drilling holes in skulls. It was so much fun."

"I wish I could have gone," says Ted. "But I had to work all night and my work never ends."

"What do you do again? I forget."

"I make sure all the dead people in this graveyard stay in the ground when it's not time for a parade... oh shit!" Ted slaps his forhead with a tentacle. "I just remembered that I got the night off for the parade. Boy I feel dumb."

A dead person sticks his or her decomposing skull out of the ground nearby and croaks, "See? I told you we could come out of the ground tonight! Didn't I tell ya? Huh?"

"I'm sorry," says Ted. "But now you'll have to wait until next year's parade."

Another dead person sticks their head out nearby and yells, "What about Halloween? Since we missed the big parade, can we come out for Halloween?" A chorus of dead moans and croaks bellows their aggreement.

"I don't know..." Ted scratches one tentacle with another. He looks at Lucinda for help.

"They did miss the big parade..." she says. "It was really great, too. They had this one magician who could turn the remains of a devoured happy family into vampire bats. He was so awesome."

"Mm..." Ted thinks. "Okay, you guys can come out and play this Halloween, but just this one time. Don't expect it next year."

"Yay!" all the dead in the graveyard exclaim. "Yay for Ted!"

Ted shrugs his shoulders. "What are you doing for Halloween? I guess I get the day off."

"Oh, sorry," says Lucinda. "I have plans already."

"Doing what?"

"I don't know. I told Leonard I'd go out with him already."

"Oh, okay." Leonard sees a dead person crawling out of their grave. "Hey! Get back in there! Not until Sunday. Halloween isn't until Sunday." The rotted corpse mumbles something and retreats into its grave. "Maybe I'll just stay in," says Ted. "And give out poisoned candy to kids."

"That sounds great," says Lucinda. But she isn't listening. She's thinking about Leonard. And Ted dies a little inside for it.

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