Thursday, October 28

I'm sure glad we have that new enormous rabbit friend because scary things have been happening lately and it's nice to have some semblance of protection.

Today has been the day for finding severed animal parts all over the place, and sometimes creepy messages painted in animal blood on the walls. In my bathroom, there was the severed tail of some furry animal, and in blood on the tile was written "i'm a ghost and i'm haunting you." I can't go in that bathroom anymore. I don't know if I'll ever be able to again. Mr. Happy Puppet Head laughed at me, but I can tell he's scared, too. We thought about calling the police, especially after finding the top half of a cute little bird on the couch, but we're pretty sure it's a ghost, and the police aren't good with ghosts.

I'm in the backyard now. We put all the parts in a pile in the backyard, and it's starting to get pretty big. I don't know what to do with it. Burry it?

Mr. Happy Puppet Head is inside watching tv with enormous rabbit. I go to get my shovel from under the house to start digging a mass grave-hole when I hear Mr. Happy Puppet Head start yelling inside. "Midnight!" he yells. "Get the fuck in here! Midnight!" I run inside brandishing my shovel in case I need to save my friend from something scary.

In the living room Mr. Happy Puppet Head and enormous rabbit are staring at the TV. Our show is on, but it's no show we've ever made. At least not yet.

On the screen are me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head being torn to bloody pieces by some sort of invisible ghost. Our television-selves scream and cry as our organs go everywhere, blood collecting in pools with bits of gore and slices of bone. My cape flutters to the ground and Mr. Happy Puppet Head's dismembered mustache is hurled accross the stage by this unseen antagonist. I think I'm going to throw up.

I turn around, it feels like someone is watching me watch myself be killed on tv. No one is behind me.

Except my house is different now. There aren't any windows and all the furniture is on fire.

"What's going on Mr. Happy Puppet Head?" I ask.

"I don't know..." he says, eyes locked on the continued mutilation of our already unrecognizable corpses on the screen.

"The windows are gone."

"What?" he looks around, noticing the lack of windows and the blazing fire for the first time. "What? Ah shitty!"

Then our enormous rabbit friend, that had up until this point been huddled trembling up next to me as close as she could, now stands on her back legs and speaks in a growly voice "i am a ghost and i am haunting you!" and her eyes get all red and glowing and she starts foaming at the mouth all possessed style.

Well damn.

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