Tuesday, October 19

he asks "would you cut your arm of for me?
she replies, "what? do you need it?"
and he says "nah."
"then no," she says. "you're crazy.
"you're not going to cut it off for me?"
"why do you want it?"
he rolls his eyes, "i don't know. 'cause i said so."
"if you liked me then you wouldn't ask me to cut my arm off."
"okay, fine, i need it."
"for what?" she asks. "are you going to eat it?"
"yeah," he replies. "it's gonna taste good."
"well sure, then. i'll give it to you."
"really?" he asks. "what about your right arm?"
"i assumed that's what we were talking about."
"wow." he thinks for a moment. "yeah, i guess i'd give you my arm, too. if you needed it to live."
"yeah. living with one arm but having you around is way better than having both my arms and you dead."
"plus, it'd be more comfortable for snuggling up to you without that extra arm all the time in the way."
"wow," she says. "you're smart. we should just cut off our arms right now."
"hey," he asks. "was that just really romantic?"
"um, i'm a girl," she says.
"yeah, you're my girlfriend."
"no, we're just friends," she says. "i always thought you were a girl."
"no, i'm a boy... just friends, really?"
"yeah, but i thought you were a girl." she looks at him closely. "wow, i guess it's hard to tell with gerbils."
"i'm a hamster."
"oh, sorry." her green turtle-face blushes. "well i'm embarassed."

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