Monday, October 25

As requested, we went looking for a pet, me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head. We feel like we need more responsibility, because responsiblity is a good thing.

And the idea of a giant bunny rabbit had come up as a possibility, so we went looking. Giant bunnies are a lot easier to find than one might think, but finding a giant bunny of quality is far more difficult. None of the ones in the pet stores had those sad eyes you can just fall in love with. Sad eyes are something one should always look for in a pet.

And then we found this one in a parking lot behind the pharmacy. There had been some sort of accident and the bunny was just standing there like it was about to melt from empathy.

So we hurried it home and away from the scene of whatever accident happened before the cops got there. We didn't want our new best friend to get mixed up in any legal mess.

And thus our new friend is fitting in just fine. We haven't named it yet, nor figured out whether it's a boy or a girl. Not wanting to make it feel uncomfortable, neither of us have checked. But a corner of the living room has been relegated as enormous bunny space, and we're feeding it all the quesadillas and salsa it wants (that's good bunny food).

So we'll see how this works out.

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