Wednesday, October 13


Roboctopus and his friends Potato, Loraine, and Jimmy are in their secret clubhouse high in the oak tree in Potato's backyard.

"So what's the first order of business in today's Club Roboctopus Meeting?" asks Loraine.

"Oh," says Potato. "We were going to talk about a fundraiser, I think. Roboctopus, tell me what you think of this idea. T-shirts! With your picture on them."

"But," says Jimmy. "Isn't Roboctopus our secret? If anyone else found out about him, they'd probably want to capture him and put him in a zoo or on some dumb tv show and we wouldn't get to have fun with him anymore."

Roboctopus picks up a big kitchen knife from under the carpet and starts waving it around haphazardly.

"Jimmy's right," says Loraine. "Maybe we don't need T-shirts so bad."

"What about tatoos?" asks Potato.

"I think that's the same problem," Jimmy edges away from Roboctopus and the glinting kitchen knife. "Maybe we need to re-prioritize what this club is all about."

Roboctopus lunges at Jimmy and slashes his forhead with the knife. Jimmy screams and falls backwards, out of the clubhouse and tumbles to the ground below. Potato and Loraine lean over the edge and look down to see if their friend is all right.

"He's not moving..." says Potato.

"Oh God..." says Loraine. "We need to call an ambulance." Jimmy groans and rolls over, blood covering his face.

"Roboctopus!" the two un-broken children say in unison. The large half-robot, half-octopus shrugs his shoulder and re-hides the knife under the rug.

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