Friday, October 15

Stting on the porch, I'm pitching a new idea to Mr. Happy Puppet Head. It's for an Educati-FUN video tentatively entitled "Nothing is Forever." It's about a boy who is stranded on a desert island, and he befriends a whale.

"I don't know..." says Mr. Happy Puppet Head as he takes a swig from his hip flask.

"What? What don't you like?"

"You know, it just sounds kind of cheesy and stupid."

"No," I say. "It'd be so beautiful and poetic. See at first the boy is all lonely and scared because he's on this island all by himself, but then the whale brings him some kelp to eat and that starts their friendship."

Mr. Happy Puppet Head nods, eyes squinted as he looks off into the distance.

"So then they start becoming really good friends and they swim around and I have this great idea for this shot where he's riding on the whale's back and he stands up just as the whale jumps into the air and he pumps his fists over his head like he's having a really great time."

"Maybe..." he says as he takes another swig. "How about one night, they're just hanging out in the ocean, sharing stories and the boy is all talking about how much he misses his mom and his friends and stuff, and one thing leads to another... they start fooling around... and the boy starts humping the whale."

"Wow, that's good. I like that." I take off my goggles and wipe off the fog that's collecting. "And then, what about just after that they find the boy and take him away back to civilization and his mom and everything? The final shot can be as he's taking off in the helicopter and he's crying and he presses his face against the window and waves and cries hysterically and the whale does all these jumps and spouts water out the blowhole and makes all those whale sounds."

"Okay," says Mr. Happy Puppet Head. "What about years later he comes back to find the whale and it's all beached on the sand and just about to die and he runs to the whale and hugs it. And as the whale is dying, he starts humping it again. Just for old time's sake?"

"That might be a little much."

"Yeah," he takes another contemplative swig. "But we should still do it anyways. The dead whale-humping."

"Maybe..." I say. "I really think we've got something here. I'm excited."

We'll win awards for this one I think.

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