Friday, July 30

There was a road trip a long time ago where me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head were still in high school and we wanted to escape from our parents' houses and drive drive drive, so we did. I had this old yellow cadillac and it made it there and back no problem.

Somewhere in California we met up with a guy at a convinience store who seemed real nice, he was a police officer, and he invited us over for sloppy joes at his house. He was having a party.

There were some people there in the carport, but they didn't say anything to me. When I stepped through the front door, there was a funny smell. The cop guy puts his hand on my shoulder and says something about the enevitability of life and not to be too sad about it. I didn't know what he was talking about, until I looked to my right into the living room and saw that THERE WAS A DEAD CLOWN LAID OUT IN HIS LIVING ROOM. Big red hair and shiny clothes, puffy white face with blue circles around the eyes. Cop guy said it was something about him being a cop and the coroner being away or something.

I sat on the porch the rest of the party. I wouldn't go inside. I don't handle dead clowns too well. Never did. Mr Happy Puppet Head said "What's the big deal?" and I said "Hey, get me a sloppy joe from inside." but he kept forgetting.

And I sat on the porch the whole party as the weird kid with the goggles who wouldn't accept the enevitability of life.

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