Tuesday, July 20

Howie the little girl and her pet old man head sit on the curb in the sunshine and count ants. That's what they are doing.

They are up to 168 when they are distracted by a little old woman walking by with her pet little white dog. "Hello, Leonard! Hello!" she waves happily to the old man head sitting on the curb. "Oh, wait. Sorry, I thought you were someone else." And she walks away.

Walking through the grocery store while doing research on how many different kinds of beans they put into tin cans, another little old woman stops Howie and says hello to Head. "Stephan! It's been so long, you never come around any... Oh. Sorry, I thought you were someone else." And she walks away all embarassed. Howie shrugs and continues studying the canned beans.

Walking past the bus stop on their way to the big mud hole near the construction site, Howie and Head walk past a bench with three old men sitting on it. "Hey, Walter! What's up?" shouts one man as he waves at the little girl and her pet head. "Yo Walter!" yells another. "Come give us a high five!" "Wait, I don't think that's Walter." "What? Sure it is, looks just like him." "No... I think Walter was taller." "No, you're thinking about Leonard, he's really tall. Walter was always really short." But Howie just keeps walking. Head doesn't need his identity confused anymore. She decides that as soon as she gets home that she'll make up some nametags.

She'll draw a unicorn on hers.

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