Wednesday, July 28

It rained a lot today and the hole I've been working on in the backyard has filled with mud. So now I'm sitting in the mudhole making mud people. I've got a mud-man over there looking all happy, but I thought he was looking a little lonley, so now I'm working on a mud-woman. She's all fat with a big gaping mouth just like the mud-man, only she's got big drippy breasts and is about twice the size of him. I think they'll make a good pair.

There's nothing like sitting waist deep in mud and completely naked. Nothing.

Hey, there's Mr. Happy Puppet Head! "Hey Mr. Happy Puppet Head! You want to see me juggle mud balls? Look, I can juggle mud balls."

"Someone's on the phone for you," He says. His mustache wiggles disparigingly at the mud.

"Who is it?"

"I don't know. Some Indian lady."

"I don't know any Indian lady. Take a message, I'm busy." I try to juggle the mud balls, but they're too wet and slip through my hands.

"I'll just tell her to call back," his big red puppet-ness turns and bobbles back into the house.

I don't really care who it is anyway. Mud is now time, and that's all the time I need. I want my life from now on to be lots of mud and warm and some rain, but then sunny times to sit in the mud and make mud friends. I don't want people calling me anymore. I just want friends to come sit in the mud with me and make more friends out of mud. And someone to appreciate my juggling.

You're invited. We can eat dirt. I hear some people are into that. Maybe we'll be into that now.

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