Sunday, July 18

Jonathan at one point grabs his elbow and says "Oh, a tremor. Everyone is going to get hurt tommorow." He tells us he is a wizard and his elbow tells the future. He goes into the bathrooms at the back of the cabin. I follow him and ask him if I am going to get hurt, too. He says, "Maybe." I ask about Mr. Happy Puppet Head, he says, "Possibly. Most definitely who will get hurt are Andrew and..." Danny walks by at this point. "And Danny."

That night after Lights Out, Andrew leans over in his bed and says "I'm not staying in this cabin with him. There's no way." Mr. Happy Puppet Head is already asleep on the top bunk and mumbles something drunkenly about another counselor's breasts. "Do you want me to call your parents tommorow morning and you go home?" I ask. He nods his head Yes.

The next day Andrew avoided Jonathan, but he didn't ask me to call his parents to pick him up. It was Wednesday, the day of the big Dance, and some clouds were brewing above us. I was cautious all day, holding the elbow prophecy in the back of my mind at all times, watching out for everyone to somehow get hurt. Standing on the cabin porch looking up at the lightning and storm clouds that had canceled all the afternoon activities up until the dance, Andrew looks over to me. We don't say anything with words. Thunder suddenly booms and Mr. Happy Puppet Head bursts through the cabin door and yells "What the fuck was that! Holy fuck shit!" And vomits at our feet.

"It'll be okay tonight," I say. "No one is going to get hurt. Don't worry." But he doesn't look like he believes it.

At the dance that night, the prophecy came true. Love descended from those torturous thunder clouds with destruction in its mind. Get this: everyone's heart was broken in some way or another. And maybe we didn't even realize it until just this week over a bowl of raisin bran.

Here's how the hearts broke:
Jonathan) during the last song, he became somber. He said it was because it reminded him of something very sad.
Danny) got very sad as soon as the lightning started. He wouldn't say a word and sat in the corner the whole time during the dance.
Andrew) was sad because he couldn't figure out why Danny was so sad.
Chris) was sad because he is a semi-illiterate redneck who will have some serious sexual identity/stalker issues when he gets a little older. He also hurt his neck while competing in the dance competition and lost anyway.
George)'s heart is broken because the dj's don't play what he calls "real music." He sits in the back of the gym with his friends making fun of the other kids who are dancing.
Haden) wins the dance competition that night, yet never seems to completely win the heart of dark-skinned Raven.
J.T.) has given his heart over completely to Christen, who likes to flirt with other boys. In a fit of anger earlier that day while witnessing a first-hand flirt with one of the German exchange students, kicks the lifeguard chair and cuts opens his big toe pretty badly.
Mr. Happy Puppet Head) can't seem to stop crying about his lost puppy we never could find those months ago.
Midnight Mailman) I just was really sad and lonely, missing quiet moments without the constant yelling about various baseball players and dirty words.

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