Thursday, July 1

So it's interesting the way things turned out. The end of this long drawn out balloon story. Yes. I like the sound of that.

So the Charles Children led me to this new house. It's real big and gothic. Far too big for just me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head, but they gave us the key and the deed and even furnished it with lawn furniture. Lots and lots of lawn furniture. it's hard to walk around with all these plastic chairs and tables and umbrellas everywhere.

I ask why we get to have this big victorian house now after I sold the other one and don't have any money anymore. They just repeat the name Charles over and over again.

"No," I say, "Why do we get to live here now? I don't get it."

they just start yelling Charles over and over again really loud and angrily. I appologize and thank them for such a nice place. I note how centrally located it is, and within an easy walk to the gas station in case I want a candy bar or something. Mr. Happy Puppet Head has been discussing taking up smoking, but the gas stations were always so far away.

the kids leave and now we're in this big house. Mr. Happy Puppet Head says "Damn. This place is creepy." And I say, "Yeah, but it's our creepy house now."

I look out the window into the back yard. It's a large expanse of far overgrown lawn with a kidie pool sitting in the center.

Tall cielings and intricate molding, peeling wall paper and no dishwasher, bathtubs with feet, rough hardwood floors, a grand staircase, a funny mold smell, and bedrooms with red carpeting. It looks and feels haunted. Except for all the lawn furniture. Lawn furniture has a way of calming disturbed spirits and making them think, "If Heaven is even a little like sitting in clean molded plastic, I'm there." So they should be out of here soon, I guess.

And now we're not street people and there isn't a balloon anymore and maybe we'll never see that funny balloon man again, though we probably will because he was interesting, and i'm not crazy anymore and now i have to pay attention to making the show really good again. With new performance art pieces and EducatiFUN videos and high school garage metal bands rocking it hard.

i'm excited.

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