Wednesday, July 28

Mr. Happy Puppet Head and me go way back. I met him in kindergarten. He was my friend becase I told him I was a vampire king of some other country.

We were making sandpies. This is where you put sand into a little sand tray. Lots of fun.

Once we were done, Mr. Happy Puppet Head handed me a spoon full of sand and told me to eat it.

"What?" I asked.

"We've been making sandpies to eat. Eat it."

I looked at that spoon full of sand for only a moment before deciding he was right, only to realize a moment later, my mouth full of sand, that he was very wrong.

"How's it taste?" He asked.

"Oh..." I tried to swallow as much of the sand as I could, but chewing hurt my teeth, so I tried to spit a lot of it out, but there was just so much. "Um... no, no good. Don't."

"Really?" He inspected the sand for defects, but couldn't find any. "You sure?"

I nodded my head. "I'm going to make sandpies illegal in my country. There's a war right now, but maybe they'll be okay."

"That's good thinking." Said Mr. Happy Puppet Head. And we dumped the sandpies out solemnly. I gave what I thought was a salute, and Mr. Happy Puppet Head looked jealous because he didn't have arms.

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