Sunday, May 29


If you enjoy the Free Quality Programming here at The Midnight Mailman Show, we'd like to ask you now to give a little bit of your money to help us continue the Free Quality Programming you enjoy so much. Quality Programs including The Continuing Adventures of The Midnight Mailman and Mr. Happy Puppet Head, The Big Scary Monster, Howie the Little Girl and her Pet Old Man Head, Roboctopus, and many others. Free Programming that is Quality Programming.


The Midnight Mailman Show is a poor recent college graduate doing the best he can. Though we work over forty hours a week, we just barely bring in enough to support the type of Quality Programming we think you deserve.

For every Donation up to $5 you'll recieve a piece of Mr. Happy Puppet Head Fur and a small Original Drawing.

For donations $20 or more, you'll get the Fur, a Framed Drawing, and a Mr. Children-for-Hands DVD.

That's Exciting!

Remember when The Midnight Mailman and everyone else turned into Giants and ate everything? Remember when that one guy got stuck on a deserted island and ate his best friend and hung out with a Ghost Pharoh? Remember just the other day when all those girls drove off a cliff and some of you thought it was nicely written?

So please click the Donate Button and give what you can. We'd Donate if we had any cash. This is one of our favorite web sites.

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