Saturday, May 28

"It's Summer now," says Mark Candle. "Just like you wanted it to be for a long time."

"I know," replies Mark Burgerstienburger.

"So let's go have fun." Mark Candle always says that he has lots of hands for lots of fun. "I don't have all these hands for nothing."

"There are just a few more. Almost done." Mark Burgerstienburger picks up another heavy box and moves it accross the room.

"Those boxes aren't going anywhere," says Mark Candle. "But the sinshine and our youth are. Come on."

A large thorny bug pokes it's head out from a box at the top of the stack. "What's up? Do it already."

"Um..." Mark Burgerstienburger looks around the room to make sure there aren't any more boxes. "Okay. I'm ready." He pulls the handle and the large metal weight falls from the ceiling with graceful fluidity upon the stack of boxes, crushing the bugs inside. They go Squish!

"Okay,we can go now," says Mark Burgerstienburger.

"Don't those bugs mind being squished?" Mark Candle fiddles some of his many fingers.

Mark Burgerstienburger grabs his jacket. It is far too hot to wear a jacket. "When they're born, their first words are always, 'Oh, is this all?' and their last are always 'What's up? Do it already.'"

"Maybe we should take them out sometime," says Mark Candle. "Show them a good time."

Replies Mark Burgerstienburger, "Nah."


"Quick! Turn left!" yells Mark Candle.

"I can't! Where?" yells Mark Burgerstienburger. The bright red car is close behind them.

"Left! Left!" Mark Candle cradles his broken second left hand tenderly. "I wish we'd never found out about Guido. Bad news, bad news..."


"Wait, what?" the woman behind the cash register asks.

"What year is it?" repeats Mark Candle.

"You boys forget? Or are you time travelers?" She rings up their one item: a can of tomato paste.

"We'll all know that when you tell us the year, sugar-lips," croons Mark Candle as he leans up against the counter. Mark Burgerstienburger looks the other way, embarassed.


"What's up? Do it already," says the large thorny bug.

"Um... maybe you'd like to go out with me and my friend tonight? You can bring your family." Mark Burgerstienburger asks. "We'll pay, of course." When the bug looks over to Mark Candle, Mark Candle waves with three of his hands.

The bug crawls quickly down from the top of the stack of boxes, skitters acccross the floor, and stings Mark Burgerstienburger in the toe with his stinger. He quickly skitters back accross the floor, climbs up the stack of boxes, and asks, "What's up? Do it already."

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