Sunday, May 1

I want to know what it's like to look out from my dog's eyes. It seems as if Hondo watches everything from a half-drunken superior stupor. Every now and then he gets excited, but mostly he just half-listens to everything as he wanders around or sleeps. He's been dulled by age. By the end of our walk today, he could barely lift his legs to piss on the mailboxes. I wonder if he cares that he's old and can't jump down half the stairs anymore. I wonder if he remembers how I used to chase him around the house. I wonder what Hondo thinks when he looks at me.

I once made a short movie in which I wouldn't Hondo in when it was cold out. I just opened the door and stood in the way with my video camera. He becomes very irrate and barks at me. I think it's one of my funniest movies.

Now he's old. When he dies, I'll bury him in the backyard next to the shed. That's where we burried Cindy Sue about two weeks ago. My mom called me at work and said, "Cindy Sue died." I told my boss I had to go home and might not come back. On the way to my mom's house a sad song came on the radio and I cried.

I dug a hole, ate a burrito, and carefully placed the body of my friend in the ground. She was a sweet dog.

I got back to work in time to finish editing a commercial where a man, while skydiving, yells about the deals you'll find at a local car dealership. His parachute doesn't open and he lands on a car.

But a happy song cuts in and he jumps up out of the car, not hurt at all. He finishes what he was saying about the really great deals, and the commercial ends with a close up shot of his enormous smiling face.

I'm going to make a commercial in which my brother and my mom and my girlfriend and my dogs and all my friends never die or get old. Everything in this commercial only gets better and better. We grow more attractive, healthier, funnier, smarter, and simply more alive in every way.

At the end of the commercial we'll say it was becuase we bought a used car from the local car dealership. He forgave our past credit histories, and had a really great sale with no payments until next year.

We'll close with a shot of me hugging my dog.

Next time you need to trade in your car, you'll know where to go.

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