Tuesday, May 10

"Come on, we're late," calls the Fairy.

"Late for what?" asks Puddin'.

"the Fairy Dance Party," replies the Fairy as he hurries along. "If we get there too late, they'll lock the doors and then no Fairy Dance Party for us."

"Oh, I like parties." Puddin' tries his best to keep up with the Fairy.

When they get to the party its lots of fun and there are lots of Fairies and other people danding and having a really good time. Puddin' dances like he's a good dancer and at the end of the party they give him a trophy for dancing the most fun. They invite him for a special After Fairy Dance Party Celebration.

At the After Party, which is much more sudbued than the Real Party, Puddin' sits on the couch next to one of the Fairies. "Check it out," the Fairy leans over and opens a small Fairy Box revealing neon colored gum drops.

"What are they?' asks Puddin'.

"Just eat one, you'll see."

It tastes sweet and delicious, but as soon as Puddin' swallows it, time starts speeding up dramatically. Everything around him becomes a confusing blur, and all of a sudden he is left in the middle of a vast wasteland of desert, his skin old and parched, a long grey beard on his face. The After Party is nowhere to be found.

"Wow," mutters Puddin'.

Puddin' wanders for days until he finds a small village of animals that were once Bald Eagles, but had evolved into very pretty Dinosaurs.

"Hi," says Puddin' to the first Bald Eagle Dinosaur he sees. Its a purple and red one.

"What's up?" asks the Bald Eagle Dinosaur.

Puddin' and the Dinosaurs get along famously. Forever.

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