Tuesday, May 3

Left is doing a funny little dance.

"No," says Right. "You are shuffling your feet too much."

"You ennunciate too much," says Left.

"Even so, you're still shuffling too much," says Right.

"How am I supposed to concentrate wtih you pronouncing every vowel and consanant like that?"

"Fine, I won't talk anymore." Right pretends to zip up his lips.

Left dances his funny dance for a few minutes, still shuffling just as much.

"It's not working," says Right.

"You messed me up!" shouts Left as he falls down. "You interrupted!"

"Okay, it's my turn." Right begins dancing. He does a very bad job, shuffling his feet even more than Left.

"We're sorry," comes a voice from the Speakerbox on the wall. "We just can't let you leave yet. Your two-step doesn't have enough splatter. Work on that."

Right and Left sit, deflated.

"We'll never do it right," mumbles Left.

"Yes we will," whispers Right. "I believe in you."

"When you say the 's' in yes, it hurts my ears."

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