Thursday, March 3

Today I woke up different than I normally do. Now I have glowing goat hands, am striped like a candy cane, and my feet are two-dimensional.

I say, "Hey Mr. Happy Puppet Head, what's going on?"

But he doesn't say much. He woke up with all of his intelligence gone.

So a day like this calls for going to the park and hanging out. All the children are awed by my glowing hands. They say, "The Midnight Mailman, we didn't know you had hands like those!" And I say, "Check it out!" and with my other-dimensional feet I step inbetween their Thoughts.

I find that I can leave a pretty good burn mark on the kids' skin with the magic glowing hands, kind of like a cowboy brand on a steer, so the kids all clamor to get me to sign their flesh. Most want it on their foreheads, but many want it on their forearms.

Mr. Happy Puppet Head says, "I miss knowing things..." So we try to teach him the alphabet again, but he gets distracted and eats a pinecone.

We get bored after a while and go home to watch television. Now we like to watch the news, and commercials with Lawyers make Mr. Happy Puppet Head laugh.

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