Friday, March 25

Part THREE of Fairy Infestation story

I'm dreaming. I know I'm dreaming so I start flying around in circles. Flying is lots of fun and everything is great. Then I notice there's a Fairy flying next to me, beating her little wings hard to keep up with me. This must be another nightmare where I squish lots of Fairies. Either that or soon I'll turn into a Fairy and a giant Midnight Mailman will squish me.

I fly real fast to get away but they're fast, too. I fly up into space and hide in a space station. But they follow. Some friends from high school are on the space station, and they tell me to hide in a closet and that they'll distract the Fairies.

"Thank you so much," I tell them.

"Spelling for the marshes," they tell me in unison. "Telescope." For some reason this not only makes perfect sense to me, but it affects me on a deep Emotional Level. I want to hug them and tell them they're my best friends, but then the Fairies come around the corner and I jump in the closet.

"Don't be scared," the Fairies are in the closet with me. "You can't hurt us in the dream, and we can't hurt you."

There are three of them, so I punch one and it explodes in green all over my fist. "Okay, so maybe don't do that again," they tell me, backing up a little. "We have someting important to talk about."

"I don't care about important, just the Marsh," I tell them as I punch and explode another one. "Telescope."

"Listen! We can't leave your basement until Fairy Land is Freed!" the last one yells.

"Fairy Land?"

"It's where we live when we don't live in your basement," she explains. "It's been taken over and we need someone to expell the invaders from our land."

"Okay, where is it?"


"Where's Fairy Land so I can expell the bad guys so I can do my laundry ever again."

"There's a Magic Portal we can open for you. So you'll do it?" she asks.

"Sure," I start to jump up and down because now we're on the Moon and I don't have so much gravity.

The Fairy points her wand at me and makes me all shimmery for a second. "Now you have Magic Fairy Powers to defeat the Villains. Use it wisely."

And I wake up. The first thing I do is accidentally turn my alarm clock into a candy cane, my boots into gummy worms, and my underwear into a peanut butter cookie.

But I soon get a hang of it and begin to use it more wisely.

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