Wednesday, March 23

"Hey," says the Fairy. "Where do you keep your filtered water?"

"Um," I tell him. "We just drink from the tap."

"Oh. Do you have any bottled water? Because we can't really drink from the tap. Something about the chlorine or something."

"No," I tell him. "We just drink from the tap."

The Fairy nods his little head and flaps delicately away. I watch as he goes straight to the basement door and down the staircase.

"Mr. Happy Puppet Head!" I yell.

"Yeah?" he bobbles in from the other room. "What's up?" He keeps the back of his head to me as he watches the television in the other room.

"I think we have Fairies again."

"Yeah?" He takes a small sip from his beer.

"Pretty sure. In the basement."

He doesn't answer, just stares at the TV.

"I thought I told you to pick up after yourself down there." I tap my foot. "I don't know if I can go through another infestation. I say, pick up after yourself, and you say 'Okay, I'll do it.' But then you don't. You know how I feel about this."

"Fine, I'll do it."

"Right now?"


The little Fairy taps me on my shoulder. "Hey, I got you some cash. Could you go out and buy us a couple bottles of that Spring Water. We're really thirsty."

"How about right now, Mr. Happy Puppet Head?" I'm tap my foot harder.

"Can't I even watch TV?" Mr. Happy Puppet Head gulps down the last of his beer and throws the can against the wall. He turns and bobbles heavily down into the basement.

It's dark down there, except for the hundreds of tiny Fairy Lights floating like a fog. It's so beautiful for a moment I forget why I was so upset about them. They make the most beautiful little songs just by flapping around. I get halfway down the stairs before I step on one. They all scream in horror and rush towards their fellow Fairy to see if they can help, but with them so dense all around me, I can't help but squish more with every move I make. With each gorry death comes more wailing, more sorrow.

Glowing green blood coats my boots, cape, everything. "Mr. Happy Puppet Head..." He bobbles easily through, barely disturbing anything as he makes his way accross the basement. I turn my head too fast and one splatters all over my goggles. I try to wipe it off, but it's too greasy, and the act of wiping only kills more of them. The screaming of these creatures pierces the deepest part of my being, and it only rises in pitch as more and more of them are slaughtered by my inability to not kill.

I run. Upstairs. Straight for the bathroom into the tub.

I lie there panting as the water from the shower washes over me, oily green spiraling down the drain. I hear Mr. Happy Puppet Head drop his things in the hallway outside the bathroom. He makes a lot of noise so I'll know he's mad.

I notice a Fairy hanging from the toe of my boot. He waves his magic wand at the water droplets, turning them into gum drops. His lower half is completely crushed, and with his last breath he waves his wand, making an ugly little brownish gum drop, and dies.

I remember being mad once, but I can't feel my emotions anymore.

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