Sunday, February 27

We're standing in the parking lot of a public library.

"_____________________________," I say.

"__________,"says Mr. Happy Puppet Head. He spins in circles with disbelief.

"________________________________________," I turn to make sure there isn't anyone behind me. "_________________________."

"______," says the Hamburger Salesman who had been hiding behind the bushes. "_______________________________________________________!"
"________!" Me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head yell at the same time. We turn on our heels
and run as fast as we can away from the Hamburger Salesman.

We weave through thick traffic in front of the high-school and duck into the graveyard. "___________________," whispers Mr. Happy Puppet Head. We find a mausoleum door unlocked and hide inside.

"________," I whisper back, pointing at the confused Hamburger Salesman, who is running in circles waving his red and black striped hat around. "___________."

"_________________," Mr. Happy Puppet Head starts crying softly.

"_______," I say, patting him gently on the back. "___________________."

We wait in the mausoleum until the Hamburger Salesman finally gives up looking for us when one of the caretakers asks him to leave. They get in a small scuffle, but when the caretaker starts screaming like a little girl, the Hamburger Salesman's spirit is clearly shattered.

"_______________," Mr. Happy Puppet Head sniffles.

I think we can all agree with that.

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