Friday, February 4

Giants are everywhere. More keep appearing all the time. People taller than skyscrapers jumping around, laughing as they destroy everything, eating people and cars and buildings and whatever they can find. The ground shakes constantly from their walking around.

Howie the little girl and her pet old man head have had to stay inside for a long time, longer than they've ever had to before. Her parents are scared they'll get hurt by the giants, so aren't allowed to leave the house, not for school, not for playing in the front yard, nothing.

If they could go outside for adventures, it might make up for the fact that the sun hasn't come out for so long. But as it is, the two friends are about as miserable as they could be.

The house shakes as a giant skips by in front of her window, and all the books and toys from the shelves clatter to the floor. Howie sighs as she gently places her pet old man head on the bed as she leans down to clean up the mess.

"What if the sun never comes out again?" Howie asks her friend. "What if it's dark forever and ever and we can never go outside ever again?" She hadn't wanted to ask, but she did. Asking made it a possibility. Head stares up at the ceiling. "You're right," she says, turning back to putting things on the shelves. "Sorry."

As she continues organizing her belongings, she realizes that her room has gotten a lot smaller. Or rather, that she's gotten a lot bigger. She has trouble picking up the books with her enormous hands, and her head starts to brush against the ceiling.

Howie looks back at Head, now the size of a small car, just as her tiny bed collapses under his weight.

A slow smile creeps across her face. Looking at the scattering of books in her palm, she wonders why she had wanted to put them in the bookshelf. She wonders why she wanted a bookshelf. Then she forgets these questions as she tosses the books into her mouth and swallows them whole.

Smashing a hole through the wall, Howie the giant girl and her pet giant old man head step outside into the sub-freezing night. She gets tangled in the branches of a tree for a moment, before quickly growing much taller than the tree, and then eating the tree.

Their freedom is sweet, sweet like the taste of cars and trees and buildings, which they both now have a very strong hankering for.

Grabbing a chunk of her childhood home for a light snack, Howie and Head stomp off into the darkness, their darkness.

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