Sunday, February 13

Roboctopus went into the children't parents room and knocked over a lamp. He knocked over the nightstand and rifled through the papers in the top drawers. He tore up the paperback book their mom had been reading. He ripped off the bedsheets and threw them out the window, as well as the pillows, but the mattress got jammed halfway and he spent a lot of time trying to shove it out.

Roboctopus flailed his tentacles against the walls until the framed pictures crashed to the ground. He emptied all of their hygeine products into the tub and left the hot water on. The tub filled over and spilled onto the floor. He tried to flush the towels down the toilet.

Roboctopus took took all of the medicines and hid them in a secret compartment in his robot head. Later that night, he slipped most of them to Potato and Patti while they slept. It was easy, since he drugged them to sleep in the first place.

They didn't have to go to school for a week after that. Which meant lots of time to have fun with their best secret half-robot, half-octopus friend who lives in their back yard ever.

The two children cheered for Roboctopus. But quietly so their parents didn't wonder why they were so happy when their stomachs had to be pumped so often.

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