Wednesday, July 20

the nuclear bomb story NOTES.

"i will turn that one story about the nuclear bomb and that kid without glasses into a Midnight Mailman story," said Robert several weeks ago. "Sure. that sounds fine."

it starts after a few stories where Midnight has lost his arms and legs and for some reason is wearing Kleenex boxes on his feet. he wears the boxes becasue since he lost his feet, it's strange to hover around without something covering his invisible feet. (his feet are invisible without boots on).

the story starts when Midnight wakes up and accidentally puts Mr. Happy Puppet Head's ear drops in his eyes. they bulge out and itch and he can't put on his goggles. then while they're waiting for a bus they get hi-jacked by this old guy in a wheelchair. originally he said his daughter was going to blow up the city, but now it's his son. (total sausage party.)

its raining really hard and midnight can't see anything. they keep running off the sidewalk. and the old guy in the wheelchair has a saw and is holding it against Mr. Happy Puppet Head's head. they have some funny dialogue.

then we get to city hall and find out that the old guy's son is the other Midnight Mailman, the one that used to be best friends with the real Midnight and Mr. Happy Puppet Head.

We learn this history:

they both invented the Midnight Mailman together when they were kids. but they both wanted to be him, so they had a contest. our Midnight won the contest, but the other got real mad so he donned the goggles and bowtie anyways. he moved to Africa for many years before returning. (there's a joke there, we just have to find it. find it later)

this is what the other Midnight Mailman looks like.

(that's a good drawing.)

so the other Midnight is all sad for reasons that will be explained more in the final story, so straps the homemade nuclear bomb onto the roof of his car and drives it up to city hall. it's still raining really hard, so no one notices as he unstraps it and drags it up the long flight of stairs to the front door.

midnight and mr. happy puppet head get there as he is halfway up. they talk and figure out what's happeneing and some funny jokes should be in there, too. maybe there's a struggle? (only if it's funny.)

so in the end the other Midnight Mailman pushes the button to nuclear blow everything up, and it shakes a whole lot like something big is going to happen. but then it just falls apart and makes some smoke come out. (predictable?) there's some crying and maybe some hugs (?). reconciliation. real Midnight's eyes get better from the rain or something (something funny?). (maybe there should be some gross moldy food somehow? like apple juice that's been sitting out for some months?)


the end should be a scene where Mr. Happy Puppet Head and Real Midnight Mailman are hanging out at their house and everything is back to normal. (except i don't want Midnight to have arms and legs just yet. maybe never again. who knows?) other Midnight Mailman comes over for cocktails and they laugh at things like television sitcoms. and the strange coincidences of life. only it'll be cleverly written.

the end.

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