Tuesday, July 26

"I had a great idea for a restaurant. You want to hear it?" asks Patti to Roboctopus and Potato. "Okay. It's called 'Knight Pizza,' knight spelled with a K, and the delivery people would dress in metal knight's armor. And it'd be open all night. Get it?" It's the middle of a hot summer afternoon and the siblings and their secret best friend are hanging out in the backyard.

"Hey, I have to go now," says Roboctopus. "That's a great idea, by the way. You should do that. The pizza restuarant." He wiggles accross the yard, crawls over the wooden fence, and lands on the other side with a grunt. Patti and Potato follow.

The children chase down their friend. "Hey, hey," calls Potato. "You said you couldn't leave our backyard because people would see you and then we'd get in trouble."

"Yeah, but this is an emergency." Roboctopus continues wiggling quickly down the sidewalk.

"What's wrong?" asks Patti.

"Nothing," answers Roboctopus.

A long black limo pulls up besides them and cruises slowly at their walking speed. Potato and Patti watch it silently while Roboctopus ignores it, staring up at the sky ahead of him.

The window slowly rolls down and a knife spins out from within. It lands on the sidewalk near the children's feet with a loud clattering.

A large man in a grey suit climbs out of the limo and Roboctpus runs away. The children quickly follow. The man stoops down and picks up his knife. He throws it again, but it bounces harmlessly in circles behind the robot/octopus and his terrified friends.

They run and run until they are at the Convinience Store. "Who was that man?" asks Patti. "Why was he throwing a knife at us?"

"I don't like running," says Potato.

"Nobody," answers Roboctopus. He takes a small China Doll out of his robot head. He tosses it on the ground and lights it on fire. It bursts into a large ball of flame for a brief moment before the doll incinerates into nothing. All that's left on the ground is a large pile of white powder.

"What's that stuff?" asks Patti.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it," says Roboctopus.

"It tatstes funny," says Potato, putting a small bit from his finger into his mouth.

"Don't eat it," commands Roboctopus. "We can sell it."

"Roboctopus, is that drugs?" Patti asks. "Did you steal them from a Gangster?"


"Oh no..." Potato is lying on the concrete staring up at the sky with enormously dilated pupils. "Oh no..."

"I told you not to eat it!" Roboctopus slams a tentacle on the ground. "Great."

The Gangster walks up, stops about four feet away and aims his knife with one eye closed. He throws it as hard as he can, but it hits the ground behind them, bouncing off of the convinience store. "Give me the doll," he demands, his right hand thrust in front of him, palm up.

"The kid ate it," Roboctopus explains. "You can have him, though. Like an exchange. I'll even throw in the girl."

"Wait," says Patti. "You can't give us to a ganster."

"Oh no..." moans Potato.

"He doesn't look so good." He points at Potato. "I don't want him."

"He'll probably get better."

"We need to go to a hospital," says Patti."He'll die!"

"She's got sass," the Gangster pulls out a burlap sack from his jacket pocket. He easily picks up the kids and shoves them into the sack. "I like kids with a little life to them. They may not always take out the trash when you tell them to, but at least they know what they want out of life."

"Definitely," agrees Roboctopus.

The Gangster walks away with the struggling kids in the sack slung over his shoulder. Roboctopus waits until he is gone before scooping up what's left of the white powder and slipping it into his mouth grate.

"Hey you!" shouts Roboctopus to an old lady walking into the convinience store. "I bet I can do more pushups than you!" Roboctopus does 537 more pushups than her. She does zero.

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