Sunday, July 10

Check it out. We're still pushing that old guy in the wheelchair to get his daughter who's trying to blow up the city with her nuclear bomp strapped to the top of her car. And it's raining. And I still don't have any arms or legs, and my eyes are all bulgy and itchy from putting those eyedrops in them. And those are Kleenex boxes on my feet.

But I'm bored with that story. I'll finish it later. Or something.

Here's something else.

It's called "He was so Excited, He could Totally Fly."

Everyone said things about this and that. But he didn't even notice, he was that excited.

"This is pure," he told his mother and her friends as they sat around the table, clipping pictures out of magazines. "I am a ball of purity that has no fathoms. It is fathom-less." He floated away, right through the walls, too. Didn't need doors.

The Mail Carrier Woman yelled, "Hey kid! I got some mail for you."

"Anything good?" he asked.

"Not really," she replied, shuffling through the envelopes. "Looks like a bill... and one of those cupon books."

"Thanks, I'll get it later!" he yelled back as he floated away into the clouds.

In the clouds the Beautiful Cloud Bugs asked him, "Why are you so excited?"

"I don't know... Just, you know... Hey! You want to guess what color I'm thinking of?"

"White?" they guess.

"Yup! You Beautiful Cloud Bugs win again!"

And they did win again. The Beautiful Cloud Bugs always won. Every time.

The End.

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