Sunday, August 7

Word Problems of Math

1) If A Bug is tugging the hair of B Bug for 15 Minutes, how long before their voices are hoarse from yelling and the police are called to settle the dispute? Calculate for A Bug's bar tending job and B Bug's obsession with Walrus.

2) How many different combinations of Sandwich are there if the only ingredients in the fridge are White Bread and Mayonaise? What if A Bug and B Bug both hate Mayonaise and White Bread?

3) If A Bug can never find anything to wear on Wednesdays and B Bug hates her parents more than anything, how long is Math?

4) A Bug and B Bug go to the Carnival. They both love Carnivals in general, this one is especially Fun and Exciting, and B Bug buys corndogs and candy for both of them. Supposing those conditions to be True, why do they complain so much? Is it too hot or something?

5) A Bug takes 2 hours to get ready for work, including a shower and gettting dressed. B Bug sells drugs to her friends.

6) 6 + 4 - 3 + 5 - 12 = 434

When confronted with a mathematical word problem, panic, run your hands through your hair, mumble something about how it used to be easier when you were younger, make up as many convoluted equations and methods of solution as quickly as you can before your Math Partner throws her hands up in frustration and solves the damn thing herself.

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