Thursday, August 18

"Hey," says Arpit. "I don't feel well-drawn today at all."

"I be hardly sketched in," replies Bloodbath.

"Hm." Arpit jumps up in the air and the perspective is all off. It looks like he kind of twists a little and his legs don't even change angles. "Wow! Check this out." He spins around and disappears.

Arpit is now in a different dimension where Catipillar sandwiches are fresh tight.

Bloodbath looks down at his poorly constructed body. He likes how big his hands are, but he'd like longer legs. It's awkward having so little space for knees.

Arpit spins back into his own dimension. He is holding two Catipillar sandwiches. "I brought this for you," Arpit says, handing his pirate friend one of the sandwiches. "I've been gone for five years, how long has it been here?"

"'Bout that long," answers Bloodbath.

They enjoy their Catipillar sandwiches, even though sandwiches from that other dimension use a different kind of mayonaise that tastes kind of like corpse.

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