Monday, August 1

Kyle wakes up to one of two possibilities: either he has shrunk to less than one inch tall or his house has been replaced with an enormous house. He is wearing space ship pajamas. Kyle is fifteen.

Whatever the explanation, it takes Kyle almost a week to find the rest of his family. He has to eat enormous crumbs that he finds inbetween the towering strands of carpet and has no way of entertaining himself at all. Miles of towering carpet is interesting for only about a minute. Kyle misses Kevin, his best friend who lives next door.

Once the family is reunited, everyone decides to try to find their way out of their house to see what's going on with the rest of the world. Maybe they can find out why they are so tiny.

Adventures ensue. They meet a cockaroach, which at first is a threat until they befriend it and they ride it like a horse. And maybe there's some other funny things that are funny becasue they are large. Like trying to watch TV and it is too loud, or almost drowing in the ocean that is the toilet.

Eventually they escape the house only to find that they are normal sized. Kyle and his family had been kept in drug-induced comas for months while their hometown was razed to the ground and the enormous house constructed in its place. Everything they had ever known was now gone. Except for the house, which at least was an enormously huge scale model of the life they once knew.

"What about Kevin?" asked Kyle.

"Kevin is no longer with us," responds Barbara, Mayor of Enormous House. "He died trying to save you. We kept you in a secure compound during construction. It was the only way."

Kyle and his family get jobs as tour guides. They not only know their ways around the house, but they have good stories to tell about what it was like when it was regular sized. Like the time they got that pet rabbit.

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