Sunday, August 28

"Down this Deep Hole is a Magical Place," croons a comforting woman's voice. The Cute looks around for the comforting woman, but can't find her. "Fall in the Hole. Follow the Arrow."

"I'm busy right now," explains the Cute. "I'm lost on an Adventure through Time."

"Time has no meaning in the Magical Place," is her comforting rebutal. "Fall in the Hole. I know you'll like it."

The Cute creeps to the edge and peers into the darkness. "What kind of Magical Place?"

"Oh, it's great," she says. "Really great. I've only gotten positive responses from people who fall in the Deep Hole."

From behind, the Cute hears a loud crashing sound and turns to see the large Time Monster making its way towards the Deep Hole. The Monster trips on a tree it is trying to knock down and falls flat on its big monster face. "Okay, do you promise I'll like it?" the Cute asks the voice.

"Sure, you'll love it."

The Cute turns to check on the monster situation. It lumbers to its feet and continues making a beeline for the Cute. "Okay, here I go." With a deep intake of breath the Cute leaps bravely over the edge and into the darkness.

After falling for what seems like a very long time, The Cute lands with a bump at the bottom of the pit. It is wet and cold and dark. "This isn't very magical," says the Cute. "I'm not sure I love it at all."

"You'll get used to it," replies the woman's voice. "It's not so bad once you get used to it. Are you hungry?"

"I guess so."

"Here's some birthday cake."


"Right in front of you."

"Oh," says the Cute, finding it in the darkness. "Hm... this isn't very good. It's slimy on the outside and stale on the inside."

"Yeah, well that's all we've got to eat, so you better like it."

The Cute eats as much cake as it can, but that isn't very much. "Well," explains the Cute. "I'm lost on an Adventure through Time, and I really need to get going."

"You are now a resident of the Magical Place at the bottom of the Deep Hole. You followed the Arrow. You love it here. Have more cake." At which point the Time Monster lands with a loud rumble next to the Cute.

"You let the Time Monster into the Magical Place?" asks the Cute.

"All who wish to enter are welcome," explains the voice. "Time Monster, have some cake." But instead of having any cake, it picks up the Cute and waves it triumphantly over its head. It searches for a way out so it can bring the Cute to the Cute Crushing Machine back in the Time Vortex. But there is no way out of the Magical Place, even for the Time Monster. Eventually the triumphant waving of the Cute comes to an end, at which time it is placed less than carefully on the ground.

"Have some cake," offers the voice. The Monster eats it, but clearly doesn't enjoy it.


"How many years has it been since we fell down here?" asks the Cute.

"Time has no meaning in the Magical Place," explains the voice.

"Sure, but if there was time, how many years?"

He gets no reply. The Time Monster shrugs its shoulders as if to say, "You know she's a bitch, why you looking at me like that?" The Cute sighs deeply and curls up into its little mud bed.


They get out of the Deep Pit by using Cleverness. Standing in the Supermarket, the Time Monster picks up a cucumber. The Cute nods its head "Yes."

That night they make a really great salad and watch this movie everyone told them about. The movie isn't terrible, but the thing that was truly important was that two good friends-- the lumbering Time Monster and the Cute--had some time to spend just by themselves.

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