Monday, June 13

They told each other the same stories over and over again.

They reiterated how attractive they think each other is.

They would make food for each other.

When one was about to fall into a deep pit with spikes at the bottom, the other would say, "Hey, look out. Pit."

Rocket ships zoomed. Politicians spoke. Legs jigged. Spirals spun.

Sometimes she would go to Maine for nine weeks to teach children. Sometimes he would walk quickly away from the ghosts hanging out in the laundry room.

They started a Company selling cakes to help people break the bad news to each other. The most popular ones were "I Had Sex with Your Husband," "The Cops Think You Killed All Those Families," and "You'll Never Walk Again." Their Company did very well.

In the End, when they were both very old, he became fat and had no arms or legs and she was littered with scars, hobbling around on a polished wooden cane. They never wore any clothes, the temperature was always warm, and she pushed him around Paradise like a wooden barrel.

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