Wednesday, June 15

by Robert

The Film Festival has been lots of fun. Both of my movies have already screened. Portrait of a Zombie played Saturday, and Mr. Children-for-Hands played last night (tuesday). People laughed a lot through both of them, and they cheered at the end. It felt good.

A guy from DragonCon was at the Portrait screening and invited it to play at the film festival there. I'm so sick of that movie, but every time I think it won't ever screen again, it does.

During the animation screening, most of the other pieces were on 35mm film, had really great sound, clearly had a good bit of money and time invested in them, and looked way more polished and professional than Mr. Children-for-Hands. But I think mine got one of the best reactions out of the audience. They laughed all the way through it, and when it was over, there was a brief pause before everyone started laughing again. So what do you think about your budget and amazing technical skills now?

I'm happy about how all this turned out. It's one life-goal crossed off the list (I've been wanting to get into this animation screening for years). Now I just need my own cartoon show.

The best part about doing all this art and movie stuff is knowing that I'm not the only one enjoying it. So keep enjoying it. You're the best part.

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