Friday, June 17

An Arpit and Bloodbath CARTOON!

Bloodbath the Unemployed Pirate Captain and his ten year old friend Arpit are hanging out in the parking lot in front of their apartment building.

"There's a bear," says Arpit. He points at the bear.

"Sure is," drawls Bloodbath. His twin pirate swords glint in the sunlight.

The bear growls a small, uncertain growl.

"Remember this morning when you said Call a Bear Your Grandma Day was stupid becuase there aren't any bears around here?" asks Arpit. "Remember that? Hey Grandma! Yeah, you bear over there. You're my Grandma."

Bloodbath checks his pocket watch.

"See, Bloodbath?" Arpit yells, hugging the bear around its big furry neck. "I think you just learned the True Meaning of Call a Bear Your Grandma Day. Go ahead, call him your Grandma."

Bloodbath sighs deeply. "No."

"Come on! You don't know he's not your Grandma." Arpit climbs on the bear's back and stradles it like a horse. The bear makes its way to a nearby pine tree and rubs his back against it, knocking Arpit to the ground.

"Yer bleeding," says Bloodbath.

"Yeah, look at that..." They lock eyes for a moment. "I think...I think now you truly just learned the True Meaning of Call a Bear Your Grandma Day. For serious, too."

Bloodbath checks his pocket watch again.

"Go on," whispers Arpit. "Call him your Grandma." The bear climbs on top of someone's station wagon and curls up for a nap.

Bloodbath watches the sleeping bear.

"We're not leaving here until you say that bear is your mother's mother," says Arpit. He says it like he means it.

Bloodbath turns and walks inside. It's time for his stories, and there's nothing Arpit and do about it.



by The Bear from the Story

Arpit and Bloodbath are the most interesting characters ever concieved in cartoon history, the single greatest creations this universe has ever seen. Their desires are clear and relatable, not to mention fascinating and exciting. The world loves them more than it loves anything, and the demand for more Arpit and Bloodbath cartoons has never been greater. Their popularity, as well as the fortunes they generate, grows exponentially every day.

This "Call a Bear Your Grandma Day" episode is Arpit and Bloodbath at their finest. I grew up wanting to act in an Arpit and Bloodbath, and I finally got my wish. I can't tell you how happy I am to have been part of such a brilliant work of art.

Thank you Arpit and Bloodbath. You two are my Grandma.

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