Tuesday, June 21

"Damn!" Mr. Happy Puppet Head tells me. "Your eyes are all bulged out."

"Yeah, I thought they were eyedrops."

"You mean my ear medicine?" he asks. "Are those Kleenex boxes on your feet?"


"It says not to get it in your eyes," he turns and bobbles towards the front door. "You ready to go?"

"I can't be on TV right now," I tell him. "I look terrible and I can't see. I can't read the que-cards."

"Whatever, come on." He opens the door with his mouth and bobbles out into the front yard.

I stand where I am. It's raining hard outside. He yells at me from the front yard, "Come on, we'll miss our bus!"

My eyes itch so bad. I rub them with my eyes closed. They're swolen so big my eyelids don't close all the way over them anymore.

"Come on," Mr. Happy Puppet Head says as he comes back into the kitchen, sopping wet. "I got that new Magic Bucket bit today."

I moan loudly as I continue rubbing my engorged eyeballs. I can smell that wet puppet smell he gets. "I'm sorry. I thought they were eyedrops."

He watches me from accross the room. "Man... I been working on this Magic Bucket for months."

"You can do it on next week's episode," I try hopefully.

"Nah, it'll go bad by then..." He gets distracted by something he sees out the window. "Wait, did you see that car just now?"

"Which car? No. I can't see anything."

"The real slow one with the big metal thing on top. Does that look like foreshadowing to you?"

I moan loudly again as I rub my eyes harder. "I guess..."

"Yeah," he stares out the window, peering hard to see through the rain-streaked pane of glass. "Definitely foreshadowing. Okay, let's go. Here comes the bus." He pushes me out the door and into the big blurred out world.

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