Tuesday, April 19

Part TWO

here is a list:

-chicken jokes
-Titan 37
-magic poster

and another:

-vommit stains
-distinct odors
-almost constant yelling

and another:

-corrugation inspection

"Can I help you?" I ask the old man standing at Mr. Happy Puppet Head's window. It's 4 AM. it's Tolbert Wigsby.

"I aint doing nothing!" yells the old man.

"Mr. Happy Puppet Head says you're staring at him and he can't sleep," I begin to lower the Venetian Blinds.

"Hold it!" Old Man Wigsby sticks his cane into the window and holds the blinds up. I try to close the window, but it won't close all the way with the cane stuck in it. "Hold it! I said hold it!"

the FINAL list:

-laser shows
-linoleum showers
-Literary Theory

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