Wednesday, April 13

Jump off the large rock. You are a being made completely out of Pure Energy.

Your best friend will say you aren't. Your best friend is wrong. Jump off the large rock.

You will bash your eye so hard you throw up those burritos you had for lunch.

Say "But the Shaman came to me in my dream and proved I was Pure Energy," as chili-bile drips from your lip. "We went on a journey through the cosmos. I became one with the Everything."

Your Best Friend won't say anything. You say "There was something about a dumptruck. I kind of remember driving around for a long time. Our cargo was sort of a mix between my third grade teacher and a lot of blankets... I don't know."

"That rock was too high for you to jump off of," your friend will say. "You know better than that."

Say "Nope." Then hop on into the truck. We've got a long way to go, you and me. Those Teacher Blankets can't wait forever.

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