Sunday, January 2

An Educati-FUN Video!

Hygene is Good

We took away his toothbrush as well as all his other hygenic implements. For weeks the boy just got dirtier and dirtier, dust and refuse surrounding him in a cloud.

"My teeth are falling out," he says. Me and Mr. Happy Puppet Head stand back from him in order to avoid the awful stench.

"My eyes burn from infection," he says as he collapses on the floor. "I think the pain in my stomach is some sort of worm," as he rolls about, one hand on his stomach, the other rubbing his eyes furiously.

"You knew this would happen," I say. "We told you, but you wanted it this way. You wanted no more baths, no more soap, no more toothbrushes."

"I just want to have fun..." He passes out.

A fly has found it's way into the house and buzzes around the unconcious, dirty child.

"You think he's okay?" I ask Mr. Happy Puppet Head.

"Sure." He looks around the boy's room, decorated in race cars and rocket ships. "I'm gonna go look in his dad's room for porn."

Mr. Happy Puppet Head leaves the room, and I watch as another fly joins the other. It lands on the boy's puffy, pink eyelid.

I nudge the kid with my boot. He groans a little, eyes flutter, sending the fly off into the air for a moment before it lands again in his hair.

I put the toothbrush and toothpaste on the ground next to his head. Now he'll know the importance of brushed teeth and stuff.

"Hey Mr. Happy Puppet Head?" I yell.

"Yeah?" he answers from the room down the hall.

"Were those muffins I saw in the kitchen?"

"I think so."

Good. I could sure go for a muffin right now.

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