Friday, January 21

Part Three in the story.

Part one=Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Part two=Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bloodbath and Arpit walk side by side through the worst traffic jam in history. No one is moving an inch in forever. Grandmas are sleeping on the hoods of their cadillacs and children are jumping from car roof to car roof, laughing and having fun.

But as they turn the corner they see the cause of the traffic.

There's a giant in the road, surrounded by a fiery inferno of destruction, eating cars and people like Halloween Candy.

"Wow, a giant!" yells Arpit.

Bloodbath scratches his head with the sword in his left hand.

Arpit runs up to the giant and starts climbing on the foot. The giant looks down at Arpit climbing on his big toe, smiles, and picks the child up between two enormous fingers.

Bloodbath looks around to see if anyone else is watching this shit.

The giant's hand raises Arpit slowly up and up towards the enormous mouth in the sky.

Bloodbath sticks the tip of his tounge out between his teeth, rears back, and throws a sword up at the giant's face. It sticks in the giant's forehead, but his forhead is about the size of a football field, so he barely notices at all. Arpit is almost to the giant's mouth, almost eaten by a giant person.

Bloodbath rears back and throws again. This time the sword lands neatly in the giant's left eye and gets caught under his lower eyelid.

The giant blinks. He closes his mouth and blinks again.

The giant roughly puts Arpit back on the ground, and with that hand rubs furiously at his eye.

The enormous orb, covered in red viens and tears, spins circles in its socket. But the sword sits lodged in there, and no amount of rubbing and blinking will remove it.

Without warning, the giant stands up and walks away, fists digging into his face moaning like a sick old lady.

With the giant gone, traffic begins slowly flowing past, slowly weaving it's way through the rubble.

Arpit looks up at Bloodbath. Bloodbath reaches into his jacket and pulls out two new swords.

"Limpy Blimpy's Happy Fun Time Place!" yells Arpit as loud as he has probably ever yelled anything. His fist pump in the air.

At the theme park, Arpit concentrates real hard, and throws the baseball at the tire. He misses the hole, and hits the guy running the prize booth in the stomach.

"Okay, that's the last time, kid," he barks as he grabs the last baseball from Arpit's hands.

In the background, the giant shuffles by, rubbing his eye. He isn't looking where he's going and knocks over a Ferris Wheel.

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